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Name: Matthew Mounce
Belt: Black
Height: NA
Weight: 165 LB
Martial Art Style: Aikido, Dim Mak, Jeet Kun Do, Kempo, Kendo, Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Tang Soo Do
Team: TCKK
Martial Arts School: Tiger Crane Kenpo Karate
Instructor(s): GrandMaster Michael E Mounce
Years in Martial Arts Training: 42
Years in Competition: 40
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor,Bouncer,Specialty Security
Hobbies: WWE Wrestling,Ps2,Writing Poetry(Published 14 times),Darts
Home Town: Long Beach California
Matthew Mounce's Personal Statement:
Thank you to so many Influences in my Life My father Mike Mounce....for making me see the strength inside Randy Edwardson....My Cousin...for Taking a Gangly Youth and Introducing him to his Lifes work Max and Butch Togasala ....two of my dearest friends and Influences In My competitive Spirit....(Be careful Brother i May return from Retirement) The Entire Parker family.....for so many years of dreams.......you have Influenced Generations of Martial Artists....and Put your faith in my Name and skills with never a question....you made me Family*smiles*..I miss you Ed and "Mama" Art Ruiz,Dave Brock,Dave Modzak,The Cassamassas,Michele Krasnoo Jamie and "Pops",Linda and Shannon Lee,Ray Wizard,BKF,Don Wilson, you all have Honored me and my Family for 3 generations....so many more i did not Mention...... You Honor my Father and Our Schools Tradition for perfection... Thank you Heres to the Future Master Matthew B Mounce